Failover Scenarios

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Reliability in messaging is incredibly important, so PageGate has two different styles of failover and a synchronization system that can be configured.


To configure multiple PageGate servers to synchronize their data, please reference the Synchronization section of the documentation.


This Carrier level failover allows PageGate to automatically and seamlessly transition between communication methods in the event that it has trouble delivering a message. As an example, let's say you're using a cellular modem to deliver your messages. You would probably also want to configure an internet based carrier that the cellular modem could fail over to in the event of hardware failure. So, let's say that you're using a cellular modem and that you're also registered for Verizon's Enterprise Messaging Access Gateway (EMAG) SNPP and WCTP APIs. You could have the cellular modem fail over to Verizon's EMAG SNPP host and then if the program encountered trouble with the SNPP host, we could have it fail over to the WCTP host.


Click here for steps to configure a Carrier level failover.


The Recipient level failover allows PageGate to automatically deliver a message to an alternate address, location or person in the event that the primary contact couldn't be messaged. For example, let's say that we have John Smith's Cel and John Smith's Email as recipients in PageGate. We could have John Smith's Cel fail over to John Smith's Email or we could configure the reverse. By doing so, we're telling PageGate that if a message can't be delivered to John Smith's cell phone, that message should be delivered to his email instead.


As another example, let's say we have a recipient called Failure Notification that's tied to a network administrator's email address. If we specify Failure Notification as the failover for every recipient configured, if any message fails, that message will instead be delivered to the network administrator in our example. With PageGate's templating system, we could also prefix the text delivered to the administrator to say "The following message could not be delivered for %OriginalRecipient%".


Click here for steps to configure a Recipient level failover.


Just to note, PageGate doesn't limit the number of failovers you can configure and will allow you to fail over as many times as your environment and infrastructure support.