Android SMS Gateway App

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It's possible to turn an Android phone in to a cellular modem with NotePage's new Android SMS Gateway App. When the smart phone is connected by wifi to the same network as the PageGate server, this app grants PageGate access to the smart phone to send and receive text messages through the device. It is important to note that all carrier rules regarding sending text messages for the cell phone plan on the phone apply.


First, you'll need to purchase the app and install it on the Android phone.


Next, you'll need to connect that Android phone to the wifi of the same network the PageGate server is running on.


Once it's installed on the phone, open the App and make a note of both the IP Address and Port assigned to the device, then tap the Start button.


Once the app is running, you can configure a GSM-AT-IP carrier in PageGate to reference the Android phone's IP address and Port to allow PageGate access to the device.