SNPP Server Integration

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SNPP Server Integration

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SNPP Server Integration

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This module provides a fully functional SNPP Server. Messages received by this module are output to a directory as a text file. This method of integration requires PageGate's GetAscii module, which then reads the messages in for processing.


To configure the PageGate SNPP server:


1) Create a directory where the SNPP Server and its files will reside. For example, the directory:



2) In Windows, browse in to the PageGate installation directory.


3) Move the snppserver.exe, pininfo.txt and snpp.ini files to the folder you created in step 1.


4) The first thing we'll need to do is modify the snpp.ini file. Open the file in notepad.


To give you a little more information, this .ini file controls the behavior of the PageGate SNPP Server. If you are running the evaluation version of the PageGate SNPP Server, it will stop itself every 3-5 days, and/or after 500 messages, whichever comes first.


3) Change the OutputFolder= value to the directory you created in step 1.


4) Change the LogFolder= value to your PageGate Logging directory. If you are unsure of what this folder is, open the PageGate Admin and go to the Program - Settings section.


5) Save the snpp.ini file and close notepad.




1) Open the pininfo.txt file in notepad.


2) This file contains valid PIN number information for the PageGate SNPP Server.


The format of the entries defined in this text file are:

"Starting PIN", "Ending PIN", "recipient type"



"0001","9999", "PG_Recipient"



If you would like PIN numbers in a range to be recognized as the recipient's name (not using ad-hoc, but using numeric recipient names in PageGate), then use the text "PG_Recipient" as shown in the first line above.


If you would like PIN numbers in a range to be passed through PageGate as intact ID's to another source in an ad-hoc range, use the name of a Recipient in PageGate whose type is Ad-Hoc.




To set the SNPP Server to run as a Windows Service, do the following:


1) Open a command prompt.


2) Change directory to the SNPP Server's program directory.


3) Type the following and hit enter:

snppserver /install


4) Exit the command prompt.


5) Open the Services list in Windows.


6) Go in to the Properties of the PageGate SNPP Server service.


7) Change the Startup Type to Automatic and Start the Service.


Once this has been done, the final step is to configure the GetAscii module to read the data from the SNPP server. To do so:


1) Open the PageGate Admin.


2) Go to Interfaces - GetAscii - Settings.


3) In the Polling Directory, specify the PageGate SNPP Server's output folder.


4) Put a check in Enabled.


5) Click on Apply.


Note: If you are already using the GetAscii module, you can use the Advanced Polling Files section to specify the SNPP Server's output folder as a secondary polling location. The File(s) value will need to be set to *.asc