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The Scheduled option of View will show you all messages this GUI Client is scheduled to send.


Scheduled messages are not Pending messages until the date and time for their delivery arrives.





This column displays the Date and Time at which the message will be sent..

Sent To

This column displays to whom the message is intended.


This column displays the message intended for the recipient.


Clicking this button will refresh the list of Scheduled Messages. If a new message has been added to the delivery schedule, it will be added to this list.


By highlighting an existing Scheduled message and clicking this button, that message will be removed from the delivery schedule.


By highlighting an existing Schedule message and clicking on this button, you can modify the date and time the message will be sent, who the message will go to, and the content of the message.


By highlighting a Scheduled message and clicking this button, you will be taken back to the main GUI Client interface, the message will be inserted into the Message section and the Selected Recipients will be moved.


This button closes the Scheduled Messages view.