Running PageGate the First Time

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Running PageGate the First Time

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Running PageGate the First Time

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Before running PageGate for the first time, be sure you've configured each of the components you wish to run. For information on what modules are available, how to configure the program to send messages and how to Administrate the software, please review the PageGate Admin portion of the documentation.


If you're using Windows XP or Server 2003, launch the PageGate server by selecting its shortcut in the Start menu.


If you're using Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, Server 2008/R2 or Server 2012, launch the PageGate server by right clicking on the PageGate Server shortcut in the start menu and selecting the "Run As Administrator" option to authorize the program with the User Accounts Control security feature.


For more detailed information, please review the following sections:

One Time Configuration

Starting and Stopping PageGate

Monitoring PageGate