On-Call Schedule

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On-Call Schedule

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On-Call Schedule

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NOTE: This option is only available when On-Call Group is checked.



Clicking on the On-Call Schedule button will present this dialog:

As shown above, the five options are Add, Edit, Delete, Cancel, and Apply.






This option will add a new line to the On-Call Schedule and will present the dialog shown to the right.


You'll need to specify a recipient or group that this schedule applies to, then select the day and time range you want this entry to apply for.


If you highlight an entry in the On-Call Schedule, you can click this button to  edit the entry's settings.


If you highlight an entry in the On-Call Schedule, this button will remote it from the table.


Click this button to Cancel out of the On-Call Schedule screen and undo any changes you've made.


Click this button to Apply the settings of the On-Call Schedule.