Method 1

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Method 1

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Method 1

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To configure the Ad-Hoc GetMail function to accept messages addressed to the device you wish to contact:


1)Create a new recipient and set its Type to Ad-Hoc.


2)Make sure that GetMail is checked under the Enabled Services section of the recipient.


3)Select the carrier that messages addressed to your paging recipients should be sent to via the Ad-Hoc function.


4)Once the Recipient has been configured, put a check in "Enable Ad-Hoc Mail".


5)Click on the Add button.


6)Enter the Starting ID/PIN.


7)Enter the Ending ID/PIN.


8)Select an Ad-Hoc Recipient from the drop-down menu.


9)Click on Apply.



To use this method with email, simply address an email message to the PageGate Server's Local Domain with an ID/PIN number (within the range set in steps 6 and 7 above) as the part of the email address before the @ (i.e.