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PageGate has several front-end Interfaces, which enables the software to accept messages or input of data from many different sources. PageGate's front-end Interfaces: GUI Client, Web, Commandline/Ascii, Email, TAP-In, Serial, SNPP-In and Touch-Tone.


Each Interface can be used by itself, or in conjunction with the other Interfaces. Some of the Interfaces gain added capabilities when used with each other. For example, if the Email Interface is used at the same time as the Web Interface, a copy of each message received via a web page can be sent to the recipient's wireless device and forwarded to the recipient's email account. This gives the recipient a record of messages received in his/her email mailbox.


With the Interfaces PageGate can be integrated with another program or system. The Commandline/Ascii Interface can be used for command line messaging, and polling a predetermined file for data.