POP Mail Collection

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POP Mail Collection

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POP Mail Collection

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The POP Mail Collection function of the Email sub-section of the Group settings allows you to have PageGate check an email address for this group. All email found in that mailbox will then be redirected to the group. To configure the POP Mail Collection, click Add.






POP Mailbox

The mailbox PageGate needs to check. Some servers require the full email address to be entered here while others will accept the prefix by itself.

POP Password

Enter the password to check the email address here.

POP Server

Enter the POP3 server for the email address.

Remove Collected Mail From Server

Enable this option if you want all email pulled from the email address removed from the mail host.


Discards all recent changes to this POP Mail Collection rule.


Saves all recent changes to this POP Mail Collection rule.