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This field tells you which Connector's settings you're currently viewing.

Init String

If this Connector has been configured to use a modem, this Connector will require an initialization string to use the modem. Init strings needed to connect to a particular carrier can be set under the carrier object. This setting can be used to help support the use of different modems on a single PageGate server.

Dialing Prefix

If the phone line connected to the modem this Connector is configured to use requires a dialing prefix, enter it here.

Dedicated Carrier

This field allows you to specify that this Connector can only handle messages from one carrier. This setting preempts the dialer threshold.

Serial Port

This setting is only used if the Connector needs to be configured to use a modem, cellular modem or send data through a direct serial connection. This setting is irrelevant for the online protocols. This field should reflect the COM port the Connector will need to send information through.

Direct Connect

This option should only be checked if the selected Connector is going to send information through a direct RS-232 (serial) connection.


This button saves all modifications made to the Connector settings.