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Upgrade PageGate software


1. Online (with credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover) at



2. Fax credit card details (i.e. number, expired date, security code, name and billing address) and order information to NotePage, Inc. at 781-582-1869.


3. Purchase order, signed and dated, on official letterhead can be faxed to NotePage, Inc. at 781-582-1869. We are unfortunately unable to accept purchase orders from outside of the USA. Obtain W-9 at www.notepage.net/purchase-orders


For a quote, please contact NotePage Sales at 781-829-0500 or sales@notepage.com


4. Check and money order (in US Dollars, drawn from a US bank) payable to:

NotePage, Inc.

P.O. Box 296

Hanover, MA 02339



5. For a wire transfer, please contact NotePage Sales at sales@notepage.com


6. For a NotePage Reseller in your area, please contact NotePage Sales.



Please include the following upgrade information:

1. PageGate Serial Number (PageGate Admin module under Registration).

2. PageGate existing version to current version and PageGate CD (optional).

3. PageGate Pager License: existing quantity to new quantity.

4. Interfaces: GUI, Web, Email, Commandline/Ascii, Serial, TAP-In, Touch-Tone, SNPP-In.

5. Additional Connectors.

6. Contact name, email and telephone number.

7. Mailing address and 'attention to' for the optional PageGate CD.

8. Email address for Registration Key delivery.


An upgraded PageGate electronic Registration Key is emailed within 24 hours of ordering. The optional PageGate CD, if ordered, is sent by regular mail. The optional PageGate CD is only relevant when upgrading the PageGate version.