Shareware & Evaluation Information

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Shareware & Evaluation Information

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PageGate software defaults into a shareware or evaluation mode until purchased and registered. Enter the provided registration information in the PageGate Admin module’s Registration screen.


The shareware version of PageGate allows for two active recipients at any given time, and the PageGate Server and PageGate will need to be restarted every 3-5 days.


If a less restrictive evaluation would be useful to fully test PageGate, please contact NotePage Sales to discuss the availability of a thirty-day temporary evaluation key.


Shareware is based on the concept “try it before you buy it”. This software is not free. Using an unregistered copy of NotePage, Inc.'s software outside the trial period is considered software piracy and is illegal. The registration fee allows us to continue developing quality products, notify you of updates, and provide technical support. PageGate can be tried and tested for an unconditional trial.


If you like PageGate software, and want a complete registered version please contact:


If there are any questions, please contact