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Web Page

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NOTE: To access the WebPage sub-section of a Recipient, the GetWeb Interface must be enabled.






Template File

A custom web page could be written for each recipient but this approach may be overwhelming for a large-scale installation. PageGate allows you to use our template files to automatically create web pages recipients.


Choose a template file from the drop-down list (template files belong in the 'templates' directory beneath the Web Pages Path directory).

Text1 - Text10

Type what you wish to appear for each section of text in the template. For example, Text1 corresponds to the title, so you might want to type "Paging Website" in Text1.

Image1 - Image5

Type the name of the image to be referenced by the selected template.

Custom Page

Enable this option if you aren't using one of our templates or have modified one of our templates and have saved it under a different name.

Full Names

Enable this option if you wish the Recipients' full names to appear on the webpage.


This button saves any recent changes to the WebPage section of the Recipient.