Promptless Automatic Installation

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Promptless Automatic Installation

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The PageGate Server can be installed unattended. This helps network administrators to automate the program's installation.



Start the PageGate setup program as usual (see above).


2. When the first installation screen is shown, choose 'Exit' and copy the 'PGSetup' folder that has now been created under your system's temporary directory, (usually c:\windows\temp or c:\temp) to another location.


3. Exit out of the installation program.


4. Use the following command line syntax to run a promptless install.


Note: Promptless installations only install PageGate applications to their default directories.


<path>pgssetup.exe /S


The <path> option should be replace with the path to where you copied the 'PGSetup' folder in step #2 above.


Here is an example of a promptless install of the PageGate server if the PGSetup folder was copied to C:\


C:\PGSetup\pgssetup.exe /S



The PageGate server can be installed normally by running pgssetup.exe. After the installation finishes, the install files are automatically removed from your system. If you want the setup files to remain after installation, use a /K in the command line.