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What's New

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Here are some of the new features you will find in PageGate version 6



Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008 Support

Greatly enhanced security options, including 'managers' allowed only to maintain their own group of recipients

Database synchronization between PG servers (master/slave configuration)

Improved logging (additional logging detail levels and log search function)

Audit logging/tracking

Message Archiving with 'Archive Manager' version of PG Admin for archiving old messages and accessing them

Improved reporting (including speed improvements in some reports)


PG Server

2-Way Messaging with Cellular Modems

FILE protocol allows for messages to be written as text to a folder.

SNPP server add-on (for incoming messages)

Touch tone receiver add-on (for incoming messages)

Fax delivery capability

Raw Serial and Raw TCP delivery protocols

HTTPS support for WCTP delivery

Message templates, which allow customized formatting of message text

Pin length can be automatically limited by carrier (important for carriers who use different length pin numbers for different protocols)

Failure/Success notifications can be sent to groups of email recipients

User's PG login name, Windows login name, and machine name tracked for each message


PG GUI Client

Pre-programmable buttons can also be programmed to automatically select recipients and groups

When recipients are selected, a list of predefined messages can be displayed for selection (preset prompting)

Clients can be locked into only seeing a predefined set of recipients and groups (display groups)

Message length in message entry box can be limited

A failure warning can be set to popup on failed messages, even if the PG Client is minimized

Send confirmation option added

Can now requeue messages from the history screen

New hot-keys added

New improved security options (individual logins for a users & use of Windows login credentials)

Can view all groups a recipient belongs to

Macro variables to allow a recipient's carrier, pin, and manager on its info screen

Reporting improvements



PG Monitor

Can be integrated with a stand-alone copy of NotePager Pro to send wireless alerts of the PageGate Server's health

Decreased network overhead