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Multiple recipients - allows a single message to be sent to more than one recipient and/or group.


Recipient Groups - messages can be sent to predefined groups of recipients.


Display Groups - dispatchers using the PageGate GUI Client program can be configured to only see a subset of recipients and groups


On-call groups - a schedule can be setup for the recipients in a group, allowing PageGate to send messages to only the recipients scheduled to receive messages at that point in time.


Multiple delivery methods - PageGate can be connected to the internet through a modem, and a paging terminal by a direct cable connection.


Message splitting - long messages can be intelligently split into multiple smaller messages.


Settable character limits - the maximum number of characters to be sent in a message is settable by carrier and individual recipient


Modular / Scalable - PageGate's front-end Interfaces allows the program to be used with network computers, email, websites and 3rd party applications.


Protocols - for message delivery PageGate supports the protocols: SNPP, SMTP, WCTP, HTTPS, TAP, FAX, GSM, UCP and TONE.


Requeue messages - missed messages can be requeued for re-transmission to the wireless carrier.


High output - PageGate's intelligent queuing of messages and multiple Connectors allows for the delivery of a large number of messages.


Failover - undeliverable text messages can be automatically sent to an alternative carrier, recipient, group and connection.


Intelligent message queuing - messages for the same carrier are grouped together and sent during a single communication session.


Maximum Characters - set the number of characters for each recipient and carrier. When sending a larger amount of characters the messages will be sequentially numbered.


Reliapage - will number a message and a recipient can tell if a sequentially numbered message is missed.


Hold Messages - for recipients and groups to be sent at a later time.


Reports - on recipient, date/time and message can be previewed, saved and printed for all messages sent and received.


Logs - to help monitor the activity of all of PageGate modules and functions.


Real-time Monitoring - with the PageGate Monitor module of all PageGate's modules and functions from the paging server, or any workstation connected via TCP/IP.