Password Protect

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Password Protect

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The password protect option allows you to set a password specifically on the database. This does not have anything to do with the other Security features of PageGate; Entering a database password will restrict access to the database from programs like Microsoft Access.


When you click the Password Protect option, you will receive this prompt:




When you click on Yes, you will be prompted with this:




Enter a password, then click on Apply.


When you receive the following prompt:




Click on OK for the password to be accepted.


NOTE: Without the password, the database cannot be opened. If this password is set, the next time each PageGate GUI Client is started, the you will need to enter it (you will be prompted for it automatically). The PageGate GUI Client will only prompt for this password once, and then it will be stored for the future (unless the password is changed again).



If this password is lost, the database may become permanently inaccessible!