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Add 'Comments' into 4 different fields, in the PageGate Admin module, by selecting 'Recipients' or 'Groups'. Select the relevant name of the recipient or group and then select 'Misc'. Enter comments into the relevant boxes (i.e. Senior Technical Specialist, IT Dept, etc.)


Change the label name of 'Comment1', 'Comment2', etc. in the PageGate Admin module by selecting 'Database' - 'Settings'. Under 'Recipient Extra Field Labels', enter into the relevant boxes the Comment field labels (i.e. Title, Dept, etc.)


Setup filtered recipients in PageGate GUI Client's main screen right-click on the name of the recipient or group in the 'Recipient List' box. or the 'Selected Recipients' list to view the 'Full', 'Short Name' and 'Comments'.


The 'Recipient List' box, displayed on the PageGate GUI Client's main screen, lists individual recipients or groups of recipients, that users can send messages to. Search for a recipient by typing the first few letters of the name. The recipient can then be selected.


Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts, as well as the Manual can be found in the PageGate GUI Client's menu bar.