CD-Rom Installation

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CD-Rom Installation

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Insert the PageGate CD-Rom into your computer.


PageGate's setup routine will (on most computers) automatically start. If the setup program starts, go to step 3. If not, click on the Windows start button, and click 'Run' from the menu. Type in 'd:\setup' without the quotes (in this example the CD-Rom drive letter is 'd'. If your CD-Rom drive letter is different, use it instead). Then click on 'OK' button.


Click on the Install Additional PG Admin option.


The first step of the installation is the Software EULA. By clicking Next, you are agreeing to the terms of the End User License Agreement.


Next you will be prompted for the Additional PageGate Admin installation directory. By default, the installation directory is c:\program files\pagegate admin\ The installation directory can be changed to any local path. Click on Next to proceed.


In the third step, changes to the program group the PageGate Admin will appear under in the start menu can be made. Click on Next to proceed.


Click on Next to begin the installation.



Click on Finish to finalize the installation.


Remove the CD and keep it in a safe place. You will need it again if you ever need to reinstall PageGate, or want to install the Additional PageGate Administrator, Additional PageGate Monitor, or GUI Client on a workstation.