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The 'Setup' screen allows you to change the programs initial setup information.


The 'Server Database' specifies the location of the PageGate Paging Server's main database.  The PageGate Paging Server must be installed, setup, and running in order for the PageGate GUI Client to operate.  Type the full path (not including the file name) to the PageGate Server's database file.  Or, use the browse button (three dots) to find the database location.


The 'Sender's Name' field allows you to set the name of the operator of this workstation.  Each message sent by PageGate GUI Client is prefixed with the name of the sender (this behavior can be optionally disabled from within the PG Admin program).


The 'Station Number' is used by the log files to indicate which workstation a message originated from.  Each workstation should be given a unique 'Station Number' (unless you want multiple workstations to share the same history log).


The 'Update Frequency' sets how often (in seconds) the PageGate GUI Client updates its statistics and logs from the paging server.  Too small a value may generate unnecessary network traffic.


The 'Clear on Send' option can be checked so that whenever a message is sent, the message textbox and list of recipients the message was sent to are automatically cleared.


If the 'Small Recipient Font' box is checked, a smaller font size will be used in the recipient pick lists.


The 'Local Recipient List Only' option can be used to only allow the user of this program to see recipients in their 'Local Recipient List'.  The full 'Network Recipient List'  will not be accessible.


The 'Enable Spell Check' checkbox allows you to enable the spell checking option in the PageGate GUI Client.  In order to use this option, you must have Microsoft Word 97 or newer installed on your system.


The 'Display Options' button displays a screen that allows you to disable some of the PageGate GUI Client's features.  This is useful if a simplified user interface is desired for end users.


Remove Preset Buttons:  This option will remove the programmable message buttons on the PageGate GUI Client window.


Remove Option button:  This option will remove the 'Options' button from the PageGate GUI Client window.  This will remove the end user's ability to send scheduled and repeating messages.


Remove Logs:  This option will remove the end user's ability to view logs regarding message status and messages sent.


Remove Help:  This option will remove the end user's ability to view the Help file.


Remove Spell Checking:  This option will remove the ability to use MS Word's spell checker to check the spelling of messages.


The above settings can be saved so that all users of this workstation will use these settings, or so that only the currently logged in user uses these settings.


The 'Setup' screen is accessed by choosing 'Setup' from the 'Tools' menu