Shortcuts, Hints, and Things You Should Know

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Shortcuts, Hints and Things You Should Know

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The 'Clear' button next to the 'Selected Recipients' list will clear all the selected recipients


The 'Clear' button next to the 'Message Text' box will clear the entire message text


Clicking on the 'Prog1' - 'Prog5' buttons will automatically type pre-programmed messages into the 'Message Text' area.


Right-clicking on the 'Prog1' - 'Prog5' buttons will allow you to set or modify the pre-programmed message for that button.


Clicking the 'More' button will bring you to the main presets screen where you can program up to 100 messages.


Clicking on the 'Pending', 'Sent', or 'Bad' numbers (or labels) will bring up its respective status log.


If you have spell checking enabled, double-clicking anywhere in the 'Message Text' area will start the spell check.


If the 'Recipient List' has the focus (is the current window), you can type the first few characters of a recipient's name to jump directly to that recipient.  The <ENTER> key can then be used to select that recipient.  The 'Recipient List' get the focus after a recipient is selected, or if you click on the 'Recipient List' heading.


Clicking on the current list indicator '(network)' or '(local)', will toggle between the local recipient list and the network recipient list.  A local recipient list must first be setup for this to work.


The 'OPTIONS' button allows you to schedule messages to be sent in the future or to schedule repeating messages.


If the date/time displayed in the top right corner of PageGate GUI Client is in red print, one of PageGate's modules that is necessary to send pages, isn't running.


Clicking on the blue 'PageGate GUI Client' logo will bring up the 'About' information screen.


Shift-clicking on the name of a recipient in either the 'Recipient List' or the 'Selected Recipients' list will show more information about that recipient.


Shift-clicking on the name of a group in either the 'Recipient List' or the 'Selected Recipients' list will show more information about that group, and will also enable you to view all the members of that group.


Right-clicking on the recipient list will allow you to filter the recipient list for only desired recipients and groups.


Keyboard Shortcuts:

Send Message                        Ctrl-S

Clear Selected Recipients                Ctrl-X

Clear Message Text                Ctrl-C

Set Focus to Recipient List        Ctrl-R

Set Focus to Message Text        Ctrl-T

Show All Preset Messages        Ctrl-P

Select Preset Message (1-9)        Ctrl-(1-9)

Filter Recipients                        Ctrl-F