CD-Rom Installation

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CD-Rom Installation

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1.  Insert the PageGate CD-Rom into your computer.


2.  PageGate's setup routine will (on most computers) automatically start.  If the setup program starts, go to step 3 below.  If not, click on the Windows start button, and then choose 'Run' from the menu.  Type in 'd:\setup' without the quotes (in this example the CD-Rom drive letter is 'd'. If your CD-Rom drive letter is different, use it instead).  Next hit the 'OK' button.


3.  The setup program will present you with options for which part of PageGate you want to install.  To install the PageGate GUI Client you should choose the second option.


4.  The following screen will display PageGate's End User License Agreement.  Please read it carefully and proceed with the installation of PageGate ONLY if you agree with ALL the terms of this agreement.


5.  On the next screen you can specify a location where you want the PageGate GUI Client installed.  The default install location is C:\Program Files\PageGate Client\. You can change the installation path by hitting the 'Browse' button.  To accept the install location, hit 'OK'.


6.  You will now be prompted for the name of the group that the PageGate GUI Client icons should be added to in the Windows Start Menu.  The default group is 'PageGate Client'.


7.  The setup program is now ready to install the PageGate GUI Client.  Click on the 'Next' button to start the installation process.


8.  The setup program will now copy the PageGate GUI Client program and support files to your computer.  If you encounter any problems during this part of the installation, please refer to the 'Installation Troubleshooting' section of the manual.


9.  The next screen will tell you that the PageGate GUI Client has been successfully installed.  Hit the 'Finish' button to exit PageGate's setup program.


10.  In some cases, your computer will ask to be restarted after the installation of the PageGate GUI Client.  If you are prompted to do so, you must restart your computer before running the PageGate GUI Client.