Trial Mode Information

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NotePager Pro defaults into an evaluation mode until it is registered (purchased). Registration information can be entered into NotePager Pro by choosing 'Registration' from its 'Help' menu.  The evaluation version of NotePager Pro will stop running after 30 days of use.


NotePager Pro is based on the try it before you buy it concept. This software is not free. You may try it. If you like the software and would like a complete registered version you must contact The registration fee allows us to continue to develop quality products, notify you of updates, and provide technical support. NotePage, Inc. accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express), Purchase Orders, and checks drawn on US banks. If you have any questions or concerns regarding registration please contact If you use any of NotePage, Inc.'s software and do not register after the trial period it is considered software piracy and is illegal.