General Settings

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Sender's Name

This field specifies who or what the name of the sender should be for non-SMTP messages. This name will display on the receiving device as who or what sent the messages from NotePager Pro. By default, this value is set to %LoginName%, which will use the Windows Username of the user you're currently logged in to Windows with.


Note: Special characters and spaces should not be used in this field.

Sender's Email

When using the SMTP protocol, this field is used in lieu of the Sender's Name field. This field MUST be a valid email address on the domain or internet service that the computer running NotePager Pro is connected to.

Max Log Length

This field determines the maximum size of the NotePager Pro log. Anything that exceeds this length will be purged from the logs.

Purge After

This field determines how long you want to keep the store of messages within the database. By default, this value is set to 30 days but can be set to a maximum value of 365 days.

Logging Level

This field can be set to one of three values: Summary, Detail and Debug


For ease of assistance when contacting NotePager Pro Tech Support, this field should be set to Debug.

Archive Log

If Archive Log is enabled, when the date changes, NotePager Pro will take the previous day(s) log and rename it to the date on which the program was run, then create a new log for the new day. For example, if Archive Log is enabled and you run NotePager Pro on 4/28, then don't run the program again until 4/30, the program will create an archived log of the transaction history for 4/28 before it starts a new log for 4/30.

Enable Spell Check (requires MS Word)

If Microsoft Word is installed, this option enables automatic spell checking for the NotePager Pro message window.