Installation by Download

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1) Download the latest installation file for NotePager Pro:


2) When asked if you want to run or save it, you want to Save it to the Desktop.


3) After the installation file has downloaded, minimize and/or close everything until you can see the desktop.


4) Right click on notepagerpro.exe


5) Select the "Run as Administrator" option.

NOTE: YOU MUST DO THIS. If you try to run the installation normally, the User Accounts Control security feature of your operating system will prevent the program from functioning properly.


6) Click on Next on the first step.


7) Click on Next on the second step.


8) On the third step, review the End User License Agreement, then select "I accept the agreement" and click on Next.


9) Click on Browse on the fourth step.


10) At the top, change C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePager Pro\ to c:\NotePager Pro\


11) Click on OK.


12) Click on Next.


13) Click on Next until the installation finishes.


14) Click on Finish.