General Settings

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The 'General Settings' contains general program setting.


The 'Sender's Name' field allows you to set the name of the operator of this workstation.  Each message sent by NotePager Pro is prefixed with the name of the sender. You can set the sender's name to %LoginName% to have NotePager Pro automatically use the currently logged in username for the sender.


The 'Max Log Length' field sets the maximum length that the dialer log will grow to (in bytes).


The 'Purge After' setting is used to set how long message history will be kept in the NotePager Pro database file.


The 'Detailed Log' setting enabled (or disables) the logging of detailed communications information in the dialer log.


The 'Archive Log' option, when enabled, renames each day's dialer log with the date.  This is used if you need to keep a log of all messages sent out each day.


The 'Enable Spell Check' checkbox allows you to enable the spell checking option in the NotePager Pro.  In order to use this option, you must have Microsoft Word 97 or newer installed on your system.


The above settings can be saved so that all users of this workstation will use these settings, or so that only the currently logged in user uses these settings.  This applies to most of the other settings screens too.