Display Options

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The Display Options setup screen  is accessible from 'Settings' option under the 'Tools' menu.  These settings control how some of NotePager Pro's information is displayed.  Also, some of these settings allow you to disable a few of NotePager Pro's features.  This can be useful if a simplified user interface is desired for end users.


Comment Label: Each recipient or group has two user-defined fields associated with them.  By default these fields are labeled 'Comment1' and 'Comment2'.  You can change these labels to something more meaningful.


Max Msg Length: The number of characters that the message box on the main screen can be limited by changing this value.


Remove Preset Buttons:  This option will remove the programmable message buttons on the NotePager Pro window.


Remove Option button:  This option will remove the 'Options' button from the NotePager Pro window.  This will remove the end user's ability to send scheduled and repeating messages.


Remove Logs: This option will prevent the user from being able to view NotePager Pro's log files.


Remove Reports: This option will prevent the user from being able to view or print reports.


Small Recipient Font: This option will use a smaller font in the 'Recipient List' and 'Selected Recipients' listboxes.


Failure Warning Popup: This option will cause NotePager Pro to display a large red failure warning box if a message can't be delivered.


Clear on Send: When this option is checked, the list of selected recipients and the message text will be automatically cleared each time a message is sent.


Display group label: Groups are distinguished from regular recipients in the Recipient list by being prefixed with the letters '(G)'.  If desired, this label can be moved to the end of the group's name.


Minimize To: When NotePager Pro's main screen is minimized, it can do one of two things.  It can either put an icon in the Windows system tray, or it can minimize to the Windows task bar.