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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 3:16 am    Post subject: Setup Help Reply with quote

Hi guys,
Just started using the software and having trouble getting a message to send. I'm also confused as to what the software actually does.

I have gone through the Setup Wizard and have changed the 'Senders name'.
I have gone through the Connection Wizard and have set the method to 'Internet'.
When the Test is ran SMTP passes and the other two remain in 'testing...'.
I have created a new carrier and set the Protocol to SMTP.
The Domain I have set as our local domain as it asks for and have set SMTP Delivery to Direct.
DNS servers have been entered correctly.
I have created a new contact and it asks for the e-mail address of the device you want to send to. Devices don't get assigned e-mail addresses so i'm not sure what this is asking for? (I have entered as a test).

When i try to send a message it returns that it FAILED.

27/05/2011 09:14:36  Start connection to carrier: Vodafone-Test
27/05/2011 09:14:36  Sending via SMTP
27/05/2011 09:14:36  ------------------------------------------------
27/05/2011 09:14:36  Working on message to: Andy-Test from: Agilisys_Orion
27/05/2011 09:14:36  Formatting message
27/05/2011 09:14:36  Message contained in single packet
27/05/2011 09:14:36  Looking up mailserver for
27/05/2011 09:14:36  Trying host:
27/05/2011 09:14:37  Connected to:
27/05/2011 09:14:37  Received:220 **********************************^^
27/05/2011 09:14:37  Sent:Ehlo^^
27/05/2011 09:14:37  Received:502 5.5.2 Error: command not recognized^^
27/05/2011 09:14:37  Sent:Helo^^
27/05/2011 09:14:37  Received:250^^
27/05/2011 09:14:37  Sent:Mail From:<>^^
27/05/2011 09:14:38  Received:250 2.1.0 Ok^^
27/05/2011 09:14:38  Sent:Rcpt To:<>^^
27/05/2011 09:14:38  Received:550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected:^^
27/05/2011 09:14:38  Closing connection
27/05/2011 09:14:38  Sent:Quit^^
27/05/2011 09:14:39  Disconnected
27/05/2011 09:14:39  Message not accepted
27/05/2011 09:14:39  Permanent failure. Message will not be retried
27/05/2011 09:14:39  FAILED To:Andy-Test Frm:Agilisys_Orion Msg:TEST TEST TEST TEST

Any ideas?

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Tech Support

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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmm... well, the response we receive is:

Recipient address rejected

That usually means that the destination domain doesn't recognize the recipient number you're trying to send to. Unfortunately, is the only domain suffix I know of for Vodafone UK. You could try having someone with a Vodafone phone contact the carrier's tech support and ask them, "If someone wanted to email an SMS to my phone, what address would they use?" The important bit of the answer would be whatever followed the @.

Unfortunately, most European carriers doesn't support SMTP, SNPP, WCTP or TAP, which really just leaves you with one method of sending SMS. You'll need a Cellular Modem, which is a little device that connects to a computer that provides a cell signal. Our program could then use the Cellular AT command set with the device to send SMS just like a phone.

Tech Support
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