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Aaron Martone

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2004 3:47 pm    Post subject: Multiple Pages / Call Reply with quote

PageGate has been working flawlessly for us ever since install; but I'd like to take things a step further if possible.

Currently, I've built an application that allows users to specify a person through a CFML page, which populates the needed fields for PageGate's webgate.exe program (FRM, USER, MSG) etc.

The problem is, I've devised a backend that works "outside" of PageGate. This application allows the admin to Add/Remove users from groups, and Add/Edit/Delete Groups. What I'd like to do is make it so that when these changes are made, I don't have to manually goto PageGate and make the same changes (looking for automation here)

I know PageGate accepts usernames in the USER field in order to know who to send the message to. Well, here's the thing. My CFML code current captures the logged in user's LOGON name, then hits a DB in order to see who the user is, and then converts that user's name into one that syncs with the DB we have.

Like this:

1. CFML Captures "amartone" as the LOGON user name.
2. CFML hits a DB and sees that "amartone" = "MARTONE, AARON"
3. CFML parses and converts "MARTONE, AARON" into "aaron-martone"
4. Since there is a user in the PageGate DB as "aaron-martone" all goes well, since CFML makes that value = that of the USER Form Field

But what happens when we do department pagining? I am a member of the ITU department. What do you recommend be the easiest way for me to page multiple users? Would I make a "user" which is actually a "group" in PageGate, and using the DEPARTMENT PAGINIG application, set the USER value to "ITU"? There would need to be a related user in the PG DB, and that still leaves the problem of having to perform the changes made to our DB to the PG DB each time a change is done.

If this is too hard to follow, I don't blame you; this is why I'm not a teacher; however, if at the least, do you have documentation describing the DB structure of PageGate? Is it in an Access 2000/2003-friendly format? If so, I may be able to write some CFML scripts in order to make the necessary changes (after I export/backup the current DB first!)

Thanks, look forward to the answers.

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Tech Support

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2004 6:22 am    Post subject: Multiple Pages / Call Reply with quote

PageGate's database can be read directly by MS Access 2000. You could read from/write to the database directly.

As for paging groups, it is as easy as supplying the group's name instead of a single recipient's name.

Another option would be to use PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface (GetAscii). You could write a text file containing the messages you want to send, and use GetAscii's 'Advanced Polling Options' to cut down on the number of conversions that take place to pages someone.

For example you could pass the original login name 'amartone' and use the 'Lookup Table' feature in the advance polling to simply substitute aaron-martone for amartone.

This is also a little hard to explain. If you send an email to '' with your phone number, I could give you a call, and we could probably work out a solution a little easier.

Tech Support
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