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Features & Benefits

Darn! Don't Forget! Features & Benefits: Darn Don't Forget! is a utility that reminds you of scheduled events. Perfect the absent minded or individuals who are just too busy to remember it all!

Features :

Remembers all your important events
You create event types, assign pictures
Events include annual, monthly, bi-monthly, appointments, weekly, every-other-weekly, nth day of a month, nth day of every month.
Calendar lets you view any day
Address Book
Over 20 built in pictures to help define events
Web Greetings - Darn! helps you send a Web Greeting Card and email to your special people on their special days.
Traditional and modern anniversary gift suggestions are added to events for special anniversaries
Email buttons for sending quick greetings

How Darn Starts :

Once a day when you start Windows
Every time you start Windows
A specific time each day
From the Start menu

Customization :

Choose your own fonts, customize the look
Set the number of days you want to look ahead
Your own custom sounds
Create your own pictures for events in addition to built in pictures
Event Sheet Editor - Personalize an event sheet and print it to send to that special person.
Print the quote, and your own header when printing the Events List

Additional Features :

"History and Famous Birthdays Of This Day" Database adds information to events (shows who was born on your birthday, and important events through history)
Lookout! Appointment Watcher warns you to get ready for appointments
DarnDB Data Base manager for editing your own Holiday, Quotes, History, and Gift Suggestion Data Bases

NotePager Pro Features & Benefits: NotePager Pro is a wireless messaging dispatch application that can be used to easily and quickly send messages to pagers, mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Built in character counter
Unlimited pagers or cell phones
Point and click ease of use
Multiple carrier support
Log of message transmissions
Transmission to single or mutiple pagers
Preprogrammed messages
Group paging

Combined Benefit of Darn! Don't Forget! and NotePager Pro: Darn Don't Forget easily informs users of appointments or scheduled events. NotePager Pro allows for those alerts to be sent to pagers and cell phones ! NotePager Pro adds another level of notification when your feeling forgetful!

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