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Darn Don't Forget Integration

Solution Overview: Darn! Don't Forget! is a simple reminder program. It excels at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, car payments... all your important events. It gives you plenty of warning so you can get just the right gift, or prepare for that meeting.

You tell Darn! what to remember and it reminds you every time an event comes up, be it an annual event like birthdays and anniversaries, weekly events like taking out the trash, monthly events like club meetings, appointments, and more. Darn pops up once a day, or every time you start Windows. .

If you leave your computer on all the time you can pick a time for Darn! to pop up. Each type of event has an icon to help you remember the kinds of things that are coming up. If you have a sound card Darn! audibly reminds you when there is something to do.

Benefits: By using Darn! Don't Forget! in conjunction with NotePager Pro, birthday reminders and medication alerts are sent automatically to your pager or cell phone.

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