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Solution Overview: The QED and PageGate interface is designed to automatically send alphanumeric pages to responding Fire, Law or EMS units. In addition, Telecommunicators have the capability to send on demand individual alphanumeric messages to any pager defined in the system. The page activation process is done all from within the QED CAD package and does not require that the user toggle to a different software application or use unrelated paging hardware. The paging process will be handled by NotePage's PageGate that will run on the CAD or other specified server.

QED allows an Agency to define what fields from the CAD event should be sent to a pager during a dispatch. This information is defined by the Agency and attached to individual Nature Codes used by CAD. During the dispatch of an event, the page is automatically sent with no additional actions by the Telecommunicator.

Benefits: QED in conjunction with PageGate adds another level of notification in the event of emergencies.

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