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WebGate is chosen as Head of the Heard


WebGate is chosen as Head of the Heard on Tucows.

HANOVER, MA - August 8, 1999 -- Tucows announced that WebGate by NotePage, Inc. was chosen as the featured software for the week of August 8th, 1999. WebGate will be featured on Tucows download site as Head of the Heard. WebGate is an Internet paging application that allows for e-mail notification, web paging and full e-mail messaging to alphanumeric paging devices. WebGate is designed specifically for 32 bit operating systems (ie. windows 95, 98 and NT) and allows for messages to be sent to any numeric pager, alphanumeric paging device, digital or PCS phone. WebGate aggressively priced and is ideal for ISP's, paging carriers and large corporations. WebGate is a powerful and modular messaging application.  Additional information and evaluation copies of













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