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A supplemental emergency alert notification and response system that is fully autonomous.

Solution Overview: FireTextResponse will alert your personnel via cell phone text messaging or mobile apps on Android and iPHone when your dispatch tones out your department. Personnel can then respond back to the message with simple one letter codes that determine their response status. With the mobile app it's as simple as clicking a button. Their response status is then displayed on a large flat screen monitor at the station and also remotely on mobile apps so other responding personnel can see who is responding and where, if delayed but enroute, or not able respond to the incident. Personnel also receive the actual page out voice audio. A great backup for alerting those responders that are out of range of normal dispatch communications, forgot their pagers or their pagers were in for repair.

Benefits: PageGate can be used to take messages from a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system and pass them to FireTextResponse for integrated dispatch. FireTextResponse's integrated system then passes the message with all relevant information to the cell phones and integrated devices.

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